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DRC Instruments, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is your expert for fleet recording devices including tachographs, tachometers, speedometers, hubodometers, and on-board computers. Our instruments are used in a wide variety of industries to give managers better information. Better information means better operations, saved maintenance expense, and reduced liability. We're in business to save you money.

We are proud to supply, install, and service quality VDO instruments, including tachographs and on-board computers, and replacement speedometers, tachometers, hourmeters, and other gauges. All of our heavy-duty instruments make excellent OEM replacements at better-than-OEM prices.

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Please be patient as we work on a new website. In the meantime, please call us at (403) 280-8870 with any questions about our products or services.

Company Background

DRC Instruments is southern Alberta's authorized sales and service representative for VDO commercial vehicle instrumentation. We are your source of the highest quality fleet management products from the world's leading manufacturer of fleet information systems. We service and sell the complete line of ARGO tachographs, on-board computers, and accessories, in addition to VDO speedometers, tachometers, hourmeters, cables, and adapters.

ARGO tachographs have been serving the Canadian transportation industry for over 50 years, and we have been associated with them for over 30 years. Since our earliest days we have been committed to excellence, not only in our products and support services, but most importantly in our response to customer needs.

Our primary supplier, Continental Automotive Systems, is the owner of the VDO brand of automotive products. As the authorized dealer in this area, when you deal with us you are directly supported by the manufacturer.

Fleet information systems are our primary business and not a side line. Others may sell you a tachograph or an on-board computer, but only DRC Instruments will give you the service, quality, and flexibility that fleet managers in Alberta have been receiving from us for over 20 years.

Our business is helping your business improve its bottom line. We look forward to doing business with you.

Doug Conrad, Founder

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