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Click here for the SRM-2 manual

Introducing the DRC FM100
Stop Recorder Module (SRM-2)

Now you can use the FM100 system in fleets
that keep their vehicles running all day!

[Photo: DRC FM-100 Stop Recorder Module - 28kb]

SRM is 100% compatible with the VDO Kienzle FM-100 Fleet Management System and offers enhanced trip logging capability!

SRM ends trips automatically, regardless of whether the vehicle is left running (PTO applications), and does so without the loss of “long idling” information.

SRM can be triggered by any event which generates a high or low electrical output (installer-selectable), such as the driver’s door light switch, or a parking brake switch. The SRM provides passive stop recording without the loss of long idle information, and without false stops resulting from long waits in traffic.

Include one in every installation. Only $48 each*

Order Today!
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(403) 280-8870   fax: (403) 285-8830

*US funds, FOB Calgary, Canada. Canadian price is $65. Please call for quantity discounts.

Click here for the SRM-2 manual

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