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[Photo: ARGO Hubodometer] They’re back this season!
The original ARGO hubodometers

You have come to trust ARGO hubodometers for easy measurement of distance and area, both on the highway and in agricultural applications. These hubodometers are now manufactured from the same German parts at VDO Kienzle’s Mexico manufacturing facility.

We import these hubodometers in a partly-assembled state and then custom-assemble them for you to any ratio you desire, right here in Calgary, all for only $138.50.1 Whether you need a hubo calibrated to 74 revolutions per acre, 856 revs per km, or 1200 revs per mile, or anything else, we can create it for you quickly.2

To order, please call DRC Instruments at (403) 280-8870, or send us email. (Click here.) Alternatively, you may print, complete and fax the order form below to (403) 285-8830.

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Hubodometer Order Form:


Company Name: ____________________________
Contact Name: ____________________________
Address: ____________________________
Telephone: ____________________________

Qty Ratio Units (eg. miles, acres) Price1 Ext. Price
___ _____ revs per __________ CDN$138.50 ______
___ _____ revs per __________ CDN$138.50 ______
___ _____ revs per __________ CDN$138.50 ______
___ _____ revs per __________ CDN$138.50 ______
___ _____ revs per __________ CDN$138.50 ______

1-Prices are subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise stated, prices are in Canadian dollars, FOB Calgary, Alberta, Canada. GST not included. We may require prepayment or the completion of a commercial credit application.

2-We can assemble ratios from 74 to 1607 revolutions per distance unit. The instrument measures in tenths of units.