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The all-new Fleet Manager 100
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Press Release
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Contact: Tony Barolin

VDO FM100 Fleet Management System offers an advanced and economical approach to driver and vehicle management

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Winchester, VA - VDO North America’s FM100 is a new generation fleet management system that provides fleet managers with a quick and efficient method for overseeing driver performance and optimizing vehicle usage. This advanced system can help increase profitability and productivity by providing highly accurate and reliable information on driver performance and vehicle operation. FM100 records duration of trip, resting time, evaluation of all trips by any one driver/vehicle within a selectable period as well as daily driver/vehicle summaries for selectable periods.

This new fleet management system consists of a highly reliable onboard computer (OBC) and an innovative, multi-function code key with serial PC interface. In addition to identifying the driver, the code key also works as a data carrier for the information compiled by the OBC and provides an easy and error-free method to transfer the data to the company’s PC. The easy-to-install FM100 OBC can reliably and accurately store all relevant vehicle data for up to 650 trips including driver registration, trip start date and time, trip end date and time, miles per trip, maximum speed each trip, maximum engine speed each trip, idle time, and parking time. Information from the OBC is downloaded via a keyport installed in the vehicle’s cab. It features an onboard battery to protect the data in the event of a power failure.

Fleet managers can also set limit values for the performance of each vehicle, such as maximum engine RPM, maximum speed, harsh or hard braking, upper and/or lower green RPM range, and duration of idle times. Drivers are alerted to deviations from these limits by an acoustic signal. Data analysis provides the amount, duration, and frequency of limit-value violations for each trip.

With the VDO FM100 Fleet Management System, the company’s PC becomes a major asset to the fleet management program. The FM 100’s software, which is designed to work with all Windows-based platforms, provides a robust set of management tools that allow fleet operators to develop a complete overview of their drivers and vehicles.

In addition to evaluating all of the data transferred by the onboard computer and preparing it for management reports, the software provides fleet managers with an accurate means to grade their drivers and compare their performance. The results can be used as a direct incentive to encourage economical driving and promote resource awareness. The FM100 software also allows for output of the evaluated data in a wide range of graphic presentations, including graphing in three dimensional formats. A maintenance module is included to help keep track of fuel economy and required service schedules.

The VDO FM100 Fleet Management System is fully supported by an on-line assistance program and software updates via the internet.

For more information, contact: DRC Instruments; phone: 403-280-8870 fax: 403-285-8830

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