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Press Release
[Photo: UDS Accident Recorder] From: Barolin & Spencer
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VDO UDS Accident Data Recording System Provides Complete Accident Event Documentation, Eliminates Contradictory Claims and Reduces Insurance Costs

Winchester, VA - VDO North America’s UDS System records accident data and provides a precise and objective basis for reconstructing traffic accidents. It works like the “black box” found in airplanes, electronically recording the vehicle’s movements. The UDS System completely documents the events before, during, and after an accident. By providing a clear and undisputable record of the accident, UDS helps prevent disputes that can incur legal expenses and increase insurance rates. Companies using UDS have experienced a dramatic reduction in accident rates, damage claims, and operational costs.

The VDO UDS System registers the vehicles speed, records transversal and longitudinal acceleration, and changes in direction at the rate of 500 times per second. In addition to recognizing the length of operation for ignition, brakes, indicators, and lights, the system can also record special functions such as the use of sirens and flashing lights on emergency vehicles. When the UDS is in operation, the data recording is continuous. In the event of an accident, the system automatically and permanently stores 45 seconds of data: 30 seconds before and 15 seconds after the accident. When an accident is recognized, the device emits a signal that can also be used in other applications such as signalling the vehicle’s logistics system or incorporating in emergency signal management.

Data storage can be manually activated in situations where the driver is not directly involved in an accident but wishes to record actions during or after the incident to counter any unjustified assertions of blame and questions of compensation. Manual storage can be triggered by switching on the hazard warnings or depressing a start button on the unit (24V version only). An external start unit is available if the UDS is not mounted in close proximity to the driver. Up to three separate 45 second events can be recorded. UDS has three distinct operating modes: driving, parking and sleep. When not in the “driving mode,” the system goes into a “parking mode” a few seconds after the ignition has been turned off. It remains fully functional for a 24 hour period, after which, it automatically deactivates and goes into a “sleep mode” to protect the battery. The system becomes fully operational when the driver switches on the ignition. The unit signals the driver with an audible “beep” or dash mounted lamp.

According to Tony Reynolds, VDO Fleet Systems Product Manager, “UDS has been used by many companies with notable success. One of our customers, a medium-sized freight company, equipped its 114 vehicle fleet with UDS and reduced its overall accident rate by 50% within the first year. As a result of the modified driver behavior, the company also realized a reduction in engine wear and vehicle downtime. Another customer, in the security business, was trying to determine the responsibility for minor damage to its vehicles. Because these vehicles were not involved in major accidents, it was difficult to pinpoint either the incident or the driver. After equipping with UDS, the accident rate fell by 30% and minor damage was reduced by 70%. Employee morale was also improved because the atmosphere of distrust and suspicion among drivers ceased.”

VDO’s UDS provides drivers and fleets with an “electronic accident witness” that can accurately and incorruptibly document all the events surrounding the accident. Using special proprietary software, experts can evaluate the data stored in UDS to reconstruct the course of the accident and provide supporting evidence, including animation, which can be used to backup claims for compensation or protect against unjustified claims. With UDShow, a graphics software package, fleet managers can illustrate the accident data and decide whether to continue with further assessment or pursue a settlement with the insurer.

The UDS unit is available in 12 and 24V versions and measures a compact 5.3" x 4.5" x 1.7". It is maintenance-free and protected by a shock-resistant housing. VDO backs the UDS System by a 24 hour technical support hotline.

For more information, contact: DRC Instruments; phone: 403-280-8870 fax: 403-285-8830

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